KAHAI Anti Aging Oil

KAHAI Anti Aging Oil


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✔️ 100% pure anti aging oil

✔️ Regenerative and antioxidant

✔️ Reduces wrinkles and spots

✔️ Promotes hydration and elasticity

✔️ Dermatologically proven

✔️ Suitable for all skin types

✔️ Fast drying

✔️ Without allergic side effects 

✔️ Developed without animal testing




Its high levels of linoleic acid, vitamin E and retinol help prevent and fight the signs of aging.

+ 100% more luminosity
+ 87% more protection
+ 84% more hydration
+ 82% more elasticity
+ 76% more punishment

Quelle: Derma Consult clinical studies: „KAHAI Oil Anti-Aging Test“, Deutschland 2013

Clinical studies in Germany confirm efficacy of up to 95% in all patients. Dermatologically tested. Reduces stains and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive or oily skin). Fast absorption that leaves no feeling of fat; free of chemicals, fragrances and preservatives.

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In order to achieve the optimum with the treatment, it is best to use KAHAI oil 2 times a day:

  1. In the morning, apply it to your face with your fingertips in an upward motion from the inside out. Also use it on your neck, neckline and hands, in front of your sunscreen.
  2. You save yourself the use of other products because KAHAI Oil works in a variety of ways: many of your skin's needs are met. However, you can use other creams or make-ups as they will help you to improve their effectiveness.
  3. After all, it is very important to use it in the same way at night because it is the right time to help your skin renew itself.

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100% Pure Anti-Aging Oil

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100% pure cacay oil

Among the most popular oils on the market, nature has fortified Kacay oil with the highest levels of linoleic acid, vitamin E and retinol. It contains 50% more vitamin E, twice as much linoleic acid as argan oil and 3 times more retinol than rose hip oil.

100% Seed oil / nut oil from the Colombian Caryodendron orinocense

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There are two things I really like about Kahai, the first is sustainability and the environment. That's why I fell in love with the product. And the effect too. I started a year ago and after just a week I started to see the skin smooth and notice the luminosity. Apart from that, I had large spots on my cheek that were greatly reduced with Kahai Oil. 

- Diana A. -

I use it with excellent results. I found that the lines around the eyes have noticeably narrowed and the skin condition in general has very positive changes: more hydrated and firmer. It's an excellent recommendation. My patients are already repeating it. In men, I can tell you that the effect was excellent: they use it after shaving too.

- Dr. Angela R. -

I have been using Kahai-Oil for over 3 months and have already achieved excellent results. I have it on myself and my patients in the periocular area, on the neck, on the hands and after abrasive laser procedures applied. The results have been wonderful. I recommend it to 100%.

- Dr. Alexandra M. -

100% Pure Anti-Aging Oil

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